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PayPal PayPal was created in 1998 but has only been known as PayPal since 2000. PayPal has been established the longest of the financial institutions I will mention in this post. At its basic [...]

Wrapping Up and Conclusion I know what you’re thinking, Wrapping Up and Conclusion has Part One? I figured that if I told you how the accounts working together and could save you money. You [...]

About Domains When registering a domain, a lot of consideration should be put into the domain name you choose. Your domain is how the online world finds you online; after all, your domain name [...]

The Creator Financial Toolkit In this series of posts, I’ll be talking about what I call the "The Creator Financial Toolkit". The toolkit is a set of financial products and services that I believe [...]

20i WordPress hosting is what this post is about. I'm going to share what I have learned over the years. Essentially, the different types of hosting and what you should be looking out for [...]

Everything is Connected I consider myself an independent creator. Part of being independent for me is having my own platform to deliver my creativity to the online community. This blog, "The FYI" (For Your [...]

The Investigation So I haven’t written a post in a while. This is not what I had planned; however, the site was not performing the way I wanted. Load times were terrible from my [...]

Plugins WordPress plugins are a functional part of many WordPress websites. WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, is the number one e-commerce plugin used by thousands of sites. Adding e-commerce functionality to your site is a [...]

The Problem On my journey to becoming an online creator, one of the most important tools I required was a computer. Evolving, I decided to pivot to also include video elements in my creation [...]

Joomla When building raymondbruce.com I decided to use WordPress. This is after years of being a Joomla user. Joomla, however, I left behind after a lot of resistance by myself too switching to WordPress. [...]

Branding Whether you are an Artist, Influencer, YouTuber, or any kind of business you need to build a brand. Building a brand and brand awareness are critical components in the success of any venture. [...]

Which is Better Mac vs. PC is synonymous in the realms of Good vs. Evil, Boy vs. Girl, Pepsi vs. Coco-Cola, and The Shadows vs. The Volons (Babylon 5). Ok, the last one was [...]

raymondbruce.com What is the platform? raymondbruce.com is the platform. My center ("centre" for the Americans) of operations, my place of communications, my home on the internet, and your entrance to my world I have [...]

The Distributor Which music Distributor, most people would just say DistroKid. However, the answer is not so straight-forward, while DistroKid claims to distribute a third of all music releases. DistroKid may not be the [...]