Business Bank Accounts – Part Four


Creator Financial Toolkit: Wise WISE (Transferwise) Wise started life as Transerwise, a money transfer service. However, the company name was changed from Transferwise to Wise to reflect Wise’s broader business. Over the years, Wise has added more and more services to its business model, most notably its borderless account. This growth in Wise’s business model […]

Business Bank Accounts – Part Three


Creator Financial Toolkit: PayPal PayPal was created in 1998 but has only been known as PayPal since 2000. PayPal has been established the longest of the financial institutions I will mention in this post. At its basic level, Paypal makes it possible to send and receive money via email. So it goes without saying that […]

Business Bank Accounts – Part One

Creator Financial Toolkit: Wrapping Up and Conclusion I know what you’re thinking, Wrapping Up and Conclusion has Part One? I figured that if I told you how the accounts working together could save you money. You would understand why you should read these posts. To me, it’s not a matter of which account you should […]

Business Bank Accounts – Part Two

In this series of posts, I’ll be talking about what I call the “The Creator Financial Toolkit”. The toolkit is a set of financial products and services that I believe a creator entrepreneur should have. These products and services can be beneficial to creators that operate on an international level and will allow creators to […]