Mac vs PC

Mac vs. PC is synonymous in the realms of Good vs. Evil, Boy vs. Girl, Pepsi vs. Coco-Cola, and The Shadows vs. The Volons (Babylon 5). Ok, the last one was a bit of a stretch, showing the sci-fi geek in me and my age!

Apple fanboys say that Apple systems are the best all-around computer systems. While Windows PC fanboys say that Apple Mac systems are expensive for what you get for the money, With what you pay for a Mac system, you can buy or build a more powerful PC system.

The Mac fanboy counterargument would be that Windows PCs are not stable like a Mac system. So the argument goes around and around, point vs. point. Ending where it started, then starting all over again, is the true sense of a circular argument.

My take on this is that a computer is a tool, and you always want the right tool for the job. The first thing that needs to be known is what you intend to do with the computer. This will determine the specifications of the computer required and the amount you should spend.

One other important piece of information that should be known is what type software will be used and if it is available for Mac or Windows. I myself have both a Mac and a Windows systems.

One thing that I try to do is use software that is available on both systems. But this is not all that far from possible. In certain situations, the best software for the job is only available on one computer platform. One workaround has always been to install Windows on an Intel-based Mac system or build a Hackintosh to install MACOS on PC hardware.

I have taken both of these options, and both have their drawbacks. I won’t be building a Hackintosh anytime soon; it’s just not worth the time and hassle.

Apple, however, is in the process of transitioning to Apple Silicon. This means the ability to install Windows on Apple hardware is coming to an end. The first iteration of Apple Silicon for Mac systems, the M1 chip, has been highly praised. This sets high expectations for the future of the Mac system.

There’s a realisation that Mac systems could, in the future, become the dominant personal computer platform on the market. This can be seen in Intel’s ad campaign against the Mac. Sigh, like I said, MAC vs. PC.

Based on the M1 chip, the performance of the new Apple silicon chips is going to change the landscape of the personal computer market, and everyone knows it. Hence Intel’s ads and the problems facing all PC  manufacturers. For example, a £1,000 Mac M1 laptop outperforms a £4,000 Windows laptop.


My recommendations and the advice I would give in certain circumstances in the MAC vs. PC debate.

  • All-Round Personal Computer:

Buy the most affordable Intel Mac and install Windows using the dual boot method.

  • Power Computer:

Raw power high-end PC build or buy an AMD Threadripper PC.

  • Mid-tier Computer

Build a computer with an AMD CPU  or Intel CPU. Also, consider an Intel iMac.

  • Low-end Computer

Buy an Apple Intel Mac Mini (used).

If you are in the Apple ecosystem, buy a new Apple silicon chip computer. Also consider an Apple silicon computer if you are about to buy your first computer. Food for thought when buying an Apple Mac computer 3–4 years later when you’re ready for a new computer. You can sell your old Mac for at least a third of the purchase price. The same can not be said for Windows PCs.

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