Build Your Brand

Whether you are an Artist, Influencer, YouTuber, or any kind of business you need to build a brand. Building a brand and brand awareness are critical components in the success of any venture.

Creating a brand has many components. One of which I is naming your brand. The name should be relevant to the area of your venture. At least it should not seem out of place.

For example “Raymondtech” could be a YouTube tech channel, a tech website. A business that offers technical support or manufacturer of electronics. It would seem out of place to use the name Raymondtech as a music artist. Raymond Techno would be more relevant or even Techno Raymond.

Brand Logo

Next is your logo design. Straight off I’m going to say there should be at least 4 versions of your logo. 4 versions you say, let me explain.

Two long versions of your logo, light and dark. Also two short versions of your logo light and dark.


Long Version



Short Version (Symbol)


Has you can see in the Netflix example I have shown how established companies have used this proven method. So don’t try to reinvent the wheel keep it simple.  When building your brand you should incorporate a brand philosophy and identity whether that to be known for privacy – Apple, Gaming – Twitch, and so on. 

Remember your brand is how people will identify you so you should consider trademarking your logo.  Trademarking your logo will protect your brand giving you a legal option to enforce the protection of brand integrity.

Audio Visual Branding

Another aspect of branding you may want to consider is an audio-visual logo. A sound or melody with visual aspects associated with your brand. This is not for everyone however if you intend on having video ads to build your brand or sell products. An audio logo is something you should consider.

A good resource for building logos is Envato Elements where you can find tutorials on graphics design, fonts. Sound effects for audio design and a whole lot more to give you creative inspiration. Alternatively, if you do not want to create your logo yourself. You can uses services like Fiverr and have someone create your logo and do your audio design for you.

Ultimately you want to achieve an awareness of your brand where people can either see the short version of the logo, hear the audio logo, and instantly associate it with you or your business.

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